Pablo’s Choice 24 Watercolor Paint Set


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  • 24 ULTRA-HIGH QUALITY COLORS – Pablo is no newbie to selecting high quality pigments. It took many hours and cups of coffee to make the final decision on the best ones. Now he’s bringing them straight to you.
  • WATERCOLOR TRAVEL SET DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND – With a high quality water brush, professional standard paint brush, sponge, and mixing palette, just pull out your favorite paper and you are good to go! Pablo’s forethought knows no bounds.
  • ULTIMATE BLENDING – Pablo told us that he wouldn’t quite go as far as saying that they have magical blending powers, but that about describes how well these paints mix. It’s all up to your imagination to create the limitless possibility of colors.
  • NON-TOXIC – Pablo certainly wouldn’t recommend it being on your diet, but you don’t have to worry if your little one gets some paint on their hands.

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