Pablo’s Choice (18-Pack) Paint Markers – Permanent Oil-Based Paint Pens for any Surface – Fabric, Glass, Plastic or Wood – Japanese Precision Chisel Tip with Indian Ink – Professional Quality


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  • MARK LIKE YOU’VE NEVER MARKED BEFORE – Pablo designed these markers to allow you the full potential of your creative marking desires. Whether you need to give your favorite pet rock a new mustache, finish those touch-ups on your best friend’s model of the tin man, ceramic, wood, canvas, meteorites from outer space, you are good to go with Pablo’s Choice Paint Markers.
  • INDESCRIBABLE QUALITY – We asked Pablo, ‘Hey Pablo, most people sell premium quality paint markers, can you get something better?’. When he came back with the final product, he couldn’t find a word in the dictionary that described such a high tier
  • JAPANESE CHISEL POINT TIPS – Pablo did get stuck eating the best sushi and miso soup in his attempt to bring you the best marker tip that can be found. Despite this phenomenal detour, Pablo has ensured that the marker you have is of the highest quality out there.

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